Bring fun to the masses

Lerner is a developer of fun mobile games. Headquarted in Toulouse, France, the company aims to bring instant fun to the masses. The idea is that if you can launch the game, you can understand it and play it wihin 30 seconds.

Games for everyone

According to Statista, there will be 2.87 billion smartphone users in 2020. Because our company firmly believes that everyone needs happiness, we hope to bring this happiness to each one of those smartphone owners.

Lerner provides arcade games that meet the following criterias: free, packed with a full tutorial and no intrusive ad neither complicated menus. That means that any child, any adult can benefit from our games.

Committed to the indie scene, since 2005

Dimitri Lerner was born in 1991 in Saint-Etienne, France. Described as a curious and motivated kid, he grew with mythic video games and, soon, realized he could create his own ones. In 2005, Dimitri Lerner started prototyping and producing arcade games for Windows. In 2013, with the emergence of mobile platforms, he started selling games on mobile and desktop platforms. Today, his company provides games for virtually 100% of the mobile market (iOS and Android), with the firm intention to bring fun on-the-go to people.